Can a leisurely shower damage your plumbing?

Ian Fielding
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Hot water shower
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When you turn the tap on to enjoy a long hot shower, you would never imagine that this could cause damage to your plumbing system. Therefore, the way we get ready in the morning really can have a significant impact, so as no one wants an expensive plumbing bill, what can be done to prevent unwanted trouble. Below are a few tips that can help keep the plumber away and help you keep your money in the bank

Why a short shower is best

Without a doubt, we all love a good long shower, and our little ones can be in there for hours. Consequently, whilst it’s not too bad to indulge every once in a while, it is a bad habit to do frequently. Not only, can our skin become dry and itchy our bank balance can be seriously impacted, as showers create the perfect environment for the growth of mould in your shower and bathroom and damage your plumbing. To help prevent this, here are a few handy hints

  • Open a window to allow for proper ventilation and reduce humidity
  • Keep a window or bathroom door open
  • Run the bathroom fan
  • Use a timer to limit the time of your shower. Very important when most of Australia is in drought, and also saves money on water.

Never Let Hair Down the Drain

Unblocking sinks and sewers is one of our services
Hair and soap scum are prone to blocking drains

Hair is one of the major culprits for causing blocked drains. As hair builds up slowly accumulates over time, this is very harmful to your plumbing system. This can result in your bathroom drain becoming completely blocked. Always check your drain at the end of each shower, or use a drain cover.

Leaving Water on the Floor

This might sound straight forward, for some reason while we always seem to wipe up a spill in the kitchen, we seem to be pretty adept at ignoring water on the bathroom floor. Yet the consequences, of leaving water on the floor can cost a lot of money. Grout can become discoloured and degraded, and in the worst case, the bathroom floor can become warped.

Hard Water will block your shower head

Not only can hard water irritate our hair and skin, over time it can block the nozzles on the shower head, and totally damage our plumbing. If you ever see a flaky residue building up on your shower head, wipe it off. A little vinegar can help remove any stubborn excess. This will significantly keep the water flowing and prevent a blockage

If you ever encounter an issue do not hesitate to contact us. Our article on blocked drains has lots more info on how to prevent blocked drains